Merchant Navy Application 2019

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What is Merchant Navy?

It has always been a little dicey on a term called “Merchant Navy”. The first aspect is to understand the fact that Merchant navy is a way too different from our Government Navy (like, Army and Air Force). It is a process of trading where goods are carried from one country to another. These goods can be solid, liquid or gases, hence depending upon the quality of good which are being carried in a specialized ship.

Merchant Navy basically means trading of required goods such as General Cargo, Oil & Chemical, Gas etc and these goods are carried/transported from one country to another, from one port to another. People sail on a Merchant Vessel are known as seafarers holding different ranks suiting their responsibilities. Different nationals are tend to sail on a ship, sometimes single nationals are asked on a ship but different nationals sail together.

Life on a ship has some wonder parts to share. A ship is itself a world to those who are sailing on her. You tend to find a life on a ship be it family or friends. A small or large (depending upon GRT) ship has all the required aspects which defines a life, be it food, hospital, playing rooms etc.

These are all non military ships (as said it is not army or the navy) carrying different kinds of ship and maintaining a country’s trading process strong.

Why chose Merchant navy?

Merchant Navy in has a wonderful charm to attract any young and passionate person to be a part of it as a Merchant Navy job provides all what any youngster would aspire for.

There is a lot to say about Merchant Navy career, Merchant Navy jobs and Merchant Navy job opportunities.
Any youngster looking earn money, enjoy the adventurous life and travel overseas will surely look towards Merchant Navy.

Top Advantages of Joining Merchant Navy

Merchant Navy is not very popular among young graduates. But now it is gaining popularity because of certain advantages in this job. And here we have certain examples for you:

• Not so specific qualification required:
The first amazing thing about merchant navy is that you don’t need to prepare for something extra apart from your school studies. It simply means that you do not need to join any institution or tuitions for attending regular classes to prepare for it. What you have read in 12th/10th is enough for you to join Merchant Navy. So, even if you are 10th pass with min 50% then too you can join Merchant Navy.

• Earning while learning
Now, this is genuinely awesome that you will earn while you learn. In merchant Navy the moment you complete the pre sea training you tend to go for your onboard training where you earn a stipend every month and that too in Dollars. There is no such industry apart from this where you get paid while you learn in dollars.
Yes, some industries are paying you while training but not in dollars I believe.

• Attractive Pay packages and Perks
Attention!! This is now the most attractive part of Merchant Navy industry. A person can earn in lacks if you be a part of Merchant Navy. A master (top most rank in deck department) earns upto 8 lacks a month depending upon his experience. Even an engineer does not make this amount of money like a merchant navy employee makes.
If you know a fresher can earn upto 40000/- a month where as gaining experience can lead it to a salary in lacks and that too in such a young age of 30s. As you progress through the ranks, salaries increase at a decent rate

• Travelling & Adventure
This job is very adventurous because you will get to travel to different parts of the world and getting payed for travelling abroad works as a cherry on the cake.
People spend lakhs of rupees in cruise liners for travelling and you would be doing for free because of your merchant navy job.
Travelling via ship costlier in comparison to a travel in airplane or train but here you will be traveling on a ship also you will be getting paid for the same.

• Tax Benefits
Certain tax relaxations are given to the Merchant Navy employees by the Government after they meet certain criteria. A seafarer’s salary is Tax free. Also, as a part of a genuine criteria if you stay our of your country for around 6 months you do not tend to pay the tax and also become NRI for your own government. Addition to this if you are travelling in a other country’s ship and that ship is not registered in that country then you do not need to pay tax to them also.

• Professionalism and Discipline
This is the best part of the merchant navy where you become more professional and disciplined. You need to complete your tasks at a given amount of time.
Although, being disciplined is for one’s future life as well.

IMU- Indian Maritime University

Indian Maritime university is the only university in the country providing maritime education. This seems to be the centralized university for maritime studies in India. It’s headquarters is at Chennai.

The Indian Maritime University conducts various course in relates to Maritime studies, aspirants interested can join directly by giving entrance exams which gets conduct every year.

Courses offered by IMU under below mentioned schools of studies:
• School of Maritime Management
• School of Nautical Science
• School of Marine Engineering and Technology
• School of Naval Architecture

Every year lot of candidates prepare for the entrance tests offered by IMU because of the fact that this is the one and only centralized university providing maritime studies and being government centralized it becomes more attractive for parents at home to believe upon the courses provided.