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Deck Cadet


A deck cadet is an aspiring deck officer who enters into a training program that lasts between 18 months and three years, a large part of which will be spent onboard receiving structured training and building up experience. As part of the team servicing the day-to-day operations of the ship, Deck Cadets assist and understudy the ship’s Deck Officers in their duties. 
Supplemented by shore-based learning, becoming a Deck Cadet is the first step to reaching an Officer ranking onboard. Becoming a Deck Cadet is the first move towards a rewarding career in the all-important deck department of a merchant ship.
Deck cadets serve on board ships, as part of the team that handles the daily operations and efficient running of the ship. Though the deck cadet assists with jobs including navigation and maintenance, the role of deck cadet is mostly a training position, the first step towards becoming a ship officer; as such, a duty officer oversees the deck cadet at all times and takes full responsibility for the cadet’s work.
A deck cadet performs various kind of task everyday such as, tank sounding, ship maintenance, pilotage operations, paper work at sea, port work, navigation etc.


Under deck cadet the below mentioned courses are available:

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