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Career at Sea


Over 90% of world trade is executed by the process called “Shipping” (Merchant Navy). Hence, a visible growth in this industry is bringing benefits for the people. In terms of International Trade or a personal aspect of a seafarer world will always need ships and a dawn of this industry will always remain the same. Therefore, one’s career at sea can be an amazingly different choice as it is not so popular like other industries. However, career at sea can turn out to be a highly profitable and an intelligent selection of career. There are around 50,000 Merchant delivers trading worldwide, moving every type of shipping. The globe navy is authorized in over 150 countries, and operated by over a million seafarers of virtually every nationality. The Indians play a significant part in providing third party delivers management solutions to the Ship entrepreneurs. Shipping is controlled worldwide by the International Historic Organization (IMO) A person who has taken a decision or wants to be a part of this industry should be aware of that Ships Officers generally work in two departments – Deck & Engineering. However, there is another department called Rating where fitter, bosun, welder, ab (Able seamen), os (ordinary seaman) and Trainee OS take control. This begins when you enrol as an officer trainee! The training for both disciplines uses a mixture of academic work which is combined with practical training both at college and at sea. 

Seafarers (people travel/work on ship are called seafarers) on merchant vessels who holds various military-like ranks and responsibilities and are sometimes members of various maritime trade unions are required to carry merchant mariner’s documents (docs as per their rank on a particular ship. Ex: just like applying visa for a specific country requires docs). If a person wishes to choose this industry as a part of their career so he/she can either apply directly from SCI (Shipping Corporation of India) or can start pursuing the beginners courses because to achieve the desired aspects one needs to start getting prepared from school only (it’s a better choice however, can be proceed after completion of graduation as well).


Salary is one of the most significant and attractive part in Merchant Navy jobs where a fresher can earn up to 40,000/- INR. Merchant navy seems to be the only industry which provides this much salary to a fresher and an experienced Merchant navy officer can earn up to 2 lacks easily. There is an advantage for Indians as in this industry the value of documents approved via Indian Merchant Navy authorities are liable.

The wonderful part here is that the currency for salary which is being used is “DOLLAR” and eventually as a price of dollar increases your salary also which means without paying any attention towards anything specific you got a rise in salary.

If you know that the salary of a FRESHER can go up to 50,000/- INR..

We will here discuss the ‘can be’ salary for the officers as per their ranks and experiences:
So, the general hierarchy in the Deck department is as follows:

Deck Department

Deck Cadet (future deck officers)


Deck Cadet gets around 350-400USD
3O gets around 2300-3300USD
2O gets around 3500-4500USD
Chief Officer gets around 6500-8000USD
And a captain gets around 9000-12000USD
*All varying as per the type of ship, experience and nationality

Engine Department

Chief Engineer
2nd Engineer
3rd Engineer
4th Engineer
Engine Cadet (future Engine officers)


Engine Cadet gets around 350-450USD
4E gets around 2300-3000USD
3E gets around 3800-4400USD
2E gets around 6000-8000USD
And a Chief Engineer gets around 9000-12000USD
*All varying as per the type of ship, experience and nationality

Rating Department

Able Seamen
Ordinary Seaman
Trainees as well etc..
And seafarers under this department can earn up to 800USD<

One reason which makes these pay scales extremely attractive is that, seamen remains outside their country for some time and thus they are not entitled to pay any tax in their country. Also, a conversion rate of dollar is different in each country so that in turn of a change for a better package.

You are not bound to stick to your Rank, one can easily:

  • Get a certificate or competency (COC) for the next level of rank and get a salary of their package.

A snap of saying this, is that a person cannot remain on a same rank. However, if they proceed for a competency exam for another level and if they get pass with the required eligibilities they can move up to the next level with better pay packages easily.

Types of Ships:

Bulk Carrier:

Oil Tanker:

Container Vessels:

Pure Car Carrier:

Chemical Tanker:

RO-RO Ships:

Liquefied Petroleum Gas/Liquefied Natural Gas Carrier:

Reefer Ships:

Heavy Lift Ships: